Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Charles & Tristan return from Calgary

Charles and Tristan returned to the studio this week after a successful trip to Calgary where they presented the research developed during the Watershed+ (formerly known as the Visual Language Project) design team workshop held last month at the Sans façon studio. The presentations received an overwhelming positive response, and further development work will continue into the new year.

Whilst there, design work continued with their collaborative partners on the Vanishing Pond for Laycock Park.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

ID BARRI Presents Històries i llocs

In 2007, Indensitat commissioned us to develop a piece of work in the renowned Spanish wine producing region, Priorat. The result was Històries i llocs: 'sites and stories'. Engagement with the local community yielded a range of personal anecdotes illustrating something of social landscape of the area. Sections of these stories were printed as labels and attached to bottles produced from local grapes.

The wine has matured and is now ready drink. ID BARRI will present the project and wine tasting at 8.30pm, Friday 4 December, The Chapel, Carrer Hospital, 56 08001 Barcelona.

IDENSITAT is an art project developed with the will of providing mechanisms for the articulation of creative projects in the field of public space and related to the territory. The goal is to stimulate creative practices which experiment with new ways of social engagement and participation, connected to already existing practices and dynamics in the territory. For further information please go to www.idensitat.org