Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Wild life

In January 1800, a strange creature was trapped by hunters in the woods near Aveyron in southern France. On closer examination, the creature turned out to be a boy, about 12 years old and naked apart from the tattered remains of a shirt. His body was covered in scars, with one large and particularly vicious looking one on his neck which seemed to indicate an attempt to cut his throat. The boy was in a shocking condition and seemed to be both deaf and mute. At first the authorities were perplexed about what to do with him, but then people began to wonder if this was an opportunity to discover more about ourselves. If this boy had grown up wild, might it be possible to study him and discover whether it is nature or nurture that makes us human?

Another exciting collaboration starting with Theatre Director Nick Bone on this new play by Pamela Carter.
Wild life will be produced in February 2011 and will tour throughout Scotland.