Monday, 17 June 2013

And whilst we're in Scotland we've also been invited by the exciting Velocity to do a presentation at the Lighthouse on our recent projects and our current work in Calgary, Watershed+, about the innovative integration of artists and creative practice in the City's departments.

VELOCITY presents a series of regular talks and conversations inviting international, UK and Scottish speakers to address issues arising from the VELOCITY programme. The events also offer networking opportunities for VELOCITY stakeholders: professionals working in city planning and urban regeneration, creative practitioners, artists, architects, designers, producers and arts professionals.

A walk at the edge of the world

We are currently developing another exciting new production with Magnetic North Theatre. We've been working with Magnetic North's Director Nick Bone and performer Ian Cameron in Edinburgh over the last 2 weeks and now heading to Mull to complete the first stage of development.

A Walk at the Edge of the World is inspired by the act of walking. During the performance, the narrator leads the audience along the many paths his mind followed as he walked and the talk leaps from subject to subject, mirroring the way the mind works when there is time only to think. The hidden secrets of the landscape and the constantly shifting border between land and sea lead the narrator to understand that the past is always with us, whether we realise it or not.

Performances: Mull — June 29th and Iona — June 30th