Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Some images from a recent visit to Kentucky.

continental travel

a continental chair - presumably so the maintenance chap can reach.

Pleasant Hill, is a the largest Shaker village in the US, big fans of their craftsmanship and the resulting aesthetic, we visited (and stayed the night) a little sceptical that this original but renovated village might be somewhat 'Disneyfied', the traditional dress of the guides was a little much but the buildings and objects are beautiful.

In sharp contrast was the Louisville craft shop

a picture from a little local shopping trip

a Downtown Louisville fire escape

We were staying as guests at the Bernhiem Arboretum and research forest, just over the road was the Jim Beam Factory, with a number of these lovely sheds.


Danny said...

Great pictures! I must correct you on one thing. It is Pleasant Hill. Not Plesentville. Bless you for coming to our lovely state. Hope you enjoyed your stay and plan to return. You are always welcome in Kentucky.


Sans façon said...

Thanks Danny, error rectified and looking forward to come back to Kentucky.