Friday, 16 March 2012


A few updates of the last month or two.

The baroque garden viewed for the clock tower
We are currently in Copenhagen to complete our DIVA residency with Gl Holtegaard as part of the Show time exhibition.
Gl Holtegaard is a contemporary and modern art gallery set in a 1750's house built by the Queen's architect (for himself), with a restored full baroque garden, including its own orchard and beehives.
The combination of the exhibition, the settings and the gallery team makes for a very interesting context to work with. By the end of the residency (24th of this month) we will implement a new project that will respond to these different aspects of the place.

Design session in O2 offices
In the mean time Watershed+ has been picking up speed and momentum and is coming along nicely. As yet there still isn't a website to share more of the developments but it's coming soon! Just before we left we selected 4 mentees to work on different facets of Watershed+ and we're looking forward to work with them on our return to Calgary.
One of the project that is being developed is a design for a new park incorporating a storm water pond system, working with O2 Landscape Architects.

The site has started to be shaped in preparation for the project
On other projects, the art landscape project we are developing for Worcester University is now going through planning, thanks to the hard work of BCA landscape architects with whom we've been refining the initial design.

And last month we took down Iconic Site from the Fort Hotel in Margate

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