Monday, 30 June 2008

American for the Arts

Last week we went to the Americans for the Arts annual convention in Philadelphia to raise awareness, with our project manager, of the projects happening in Calgary and start developing a network of people interested in involving artists in thinking about urban infrastructures.
With more than 1400 attendee it certainly was an experience, Mostly geared towards arts administrators, little was really said about the potential and role of artists in shaping and questioning our environment. although a great debate was sparked in an open paneled discussion, Manifest Destiny: A Meeting of the minds on the state of public art (following the Public Art Year In Review Presentation in the "liberty Ballroom"). Presenters included Jack Becker, Public Art Review, Mel Chin, Artist, Patricia Philips, writer curator and Professor in Art History at Cornell University amongst others.
It was certainly useful to meet up with people excited about what they do and seeing the value in involving artists in the way Calgary is trying to through their UEP Public Art plan

Blurry picture of one of the organised lunch time

We also took a day to check out Olafur Elisasson exhibition at MOMA and PS1 in New York - highly recommended if it tours somewhere near you.

The reversed waterfall in PS1

I only see things when they move, in Moma

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