Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Critics Award for Theatre in Scotland

We are pleased to announce that we have been nominated by the Critics Awards for Theatre in Scotland for our collaboration on Walden with Nick Bone of Magnetic North and actor Ewan Donald, in the category Best Design.

The collaboration developed over many month, and as Nick says in his blog describing the evolution of Walden, "it was that unusual thing a genuine collaboration: the boundaries between our prescribed roles blurred heavily, but with no preciousness on anyone's part". A very exciting project as we wish they would be more.
It all started during Rough Mix, a unique inter-disciplinary creative development programme organised by Nick, where we worked for two weeks with a theatre director, a composer, a choreographer and two playwright on our own embryonic ideas with a continuous discussion and feed back. An amazing process where we realised how close in their thinking processes different creative practice and where Nick started the discussion on Walden.

The CATS ceremony will on June 15th.

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silverfox said...

This peice of work just highlights the broad breadth of sans facons work and at the same time its quality